Monday, 24 October 2016

Ukiwa na Vigezo hivi unaweza kuwa kiongozi wa Kamati ya Olimpiki Tanzania (TOC)


In order to qualify for election of the Executive Committee of TOC the candidates must prove that they understand and have extensive knowledge of TOC constitution, its institutions, its activities and operations

                  Candidate must:

22.1 Be a citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania who has attained the age of twenty one

22.2 Have an acceptable sound discipline and be a person of good behaviour in the society

22.3 Have at least an O Level Secondary School Education with a proven track record in Sports Administration

22.4 Have a thorough knowledge of the Olympic Movement

22.5 Have a reasonable experience in sports leadership at a national or international level

22.6 Have been a sports leader as NSA or any other Sports Body which have a national outlook and has attended some leadership seminars and  courses.

22.7 Have ability to speak fluently both English and Kiswahili languages

22.8 Not be serving a suspension by TOC, any NSA, club or and international sports body

22.9 Be committed and ready to dispose freely a minimum of thirty (30) days per year in separate periods to accomplish the Executive Committee duties

        22.10 Be honest and impartial

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