Sunday, 11 October 2015

TOC Secretary General's Closing speech at the ANOCA Zone V Women and Sport Forum.



Mr. Gulam Rashid, NOC Tanzania President,

Mrs. Irene J. Mwasanga, NOC/ANOCA Zone 5 Women Commission,

All Facilitators,


Invited Guest,


Ladies and Gentlemen.
First and foremost  let again welcome you in Dar E Salaam, Tanzania for those who are coming from ANOCA Zone 5 Member countries and outside
Dar Es Salaam.

I know Mr. Gulam our NOC President had welcomed you yesterday when he opened this Forum which I am officially closing few minutes to come.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure that NOC President had informed you that this Forum being first for our NOC in collaboration with Women Committee to host, we encountered several problems especially in communication.

Communication was a major problems which made some participants to arrive without the knowledge of those assigned  to pick them up from the airport, even confirmation to attend this Forum was another problems.

We expected all 10 NOCs in the ANOCA Zone 5 Member countries could have attended but here we have only 7 participating.

Why are all here!!
We all know, the participation of Women in other sports or leadership has not yet full filled the IOC demand of  every NOC TO have 20-25% of Women in their Executive Board, not only that, NOC has go further to its affiliates (NFs) and find out how many women are in the National Sports Federations Executive Board in our countries?

Few days ago at 32nd ANOCA Secretaries Generals Seminar in Maseru Lesotho we discussed the participation of Women in Sports and Leadership when IOC Agenda 2020 was presented.  Agenda 2020 requires  by 2020 International Federation to achieve 50% female participation in the Olympic Games and to stimulate women participation and involvement in sport by creating more participation opportunities at the Olympic Games.

My advice, to all of you, when back to our countries our first assignment will be to s closely work with our NF and collect data of what % of their Executive Board Members are Women?  To my believe, some of them might have none.

Ladies and Gentlemen, being the Secretary General of  NOC Tanzania, I have to be honest without the initiative and struggle of our Women Committee and ANOCA Chairperson  Madam Irene Mwasanga, this Forum could not have taken place.  Thank you Irene with all participants to make this Forum a success Facilitators for the 2 days presentations that I am sure included group discussions.

I assure you that all Recommendation/Resolution will be part of our Report to the Olympic Solidarity, ANOCA and your NOC.

Last but not least the NOC President for being with you in the last two days.

I wish you all safe trip back home.

With this few remarks, I am now ready to present Certificates of participation and appreciation to the Participants and Facilitators.

Thank you for listening.

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